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Carlos' Guanaco' Granillo

About Me:
        Began College at Texas State University Fall 2005 and crossed into the
  Realm of Phi Iota Alpha Spring 2007. President of Phi Iota Alpha,     Senator for the University for two years and was the first intern for the     Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association. I graduated     Texas State University Fall 2008 and began the Master’s Program. I was     hired on with a Police Department as a Police Officer and part of the     Hostage Negotiators Team. I enjoy my job and would not change it for     anything.
Houston, TX
High School:
George Bush High School
 Criminal Justice- Law Enforcement
Fall 08
 Law Enforcement
Favorite Quote:
    "Do something useful and you will have everything you want. Doors are shut for those who are dull and lazy; life is secure for those who obey the law of work." -Don Jose Julian Marti

Contact Info: